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Fri 8th Aug 2014 - 1:31pm General Gaming

Cryptik eSports is a competitive eSports organization that is owned by eSport enthusiasts. Our goal is to not only develop a team, but to develop individuals as well and put an emphasis on teamwork. Cryptik eSports had players that are new to the scene but want to compete at a high level.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive:

  • "Ice"
  • "Deyyka"
  • "Amplify"
  • "Originally"
  • ""

and is managed by:

  • "SlayZ"
  • ""

Because this organization has new players to the competitive scene , Cryptik eSports will be working extremely hard to develop the team as strong individuals and a highly competent group of players. 

We have a lot of expectations for ourselves and the team, and we hope we can achieve our goals and dreams. 


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