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    Centument  Reviews By Gerald Reed Is Centument  Software Scam Or Legit? Is Centument Assets Trading Software Program Works? Centument Reviews



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    For more than a century it was generally accepted that the primary function of the Central Bank is to eliminate the concerns. It was, as the phrase says, lender of last resort. And even now; At a time when the European financial situation is getting worse, the European Central Bank move under duress, banks lent and bought government bonds. But he always was protesting that he does not wish to do so, and will continue to do so for a long time, and that the only legal mission, according to his assertion, the fight against inflation. Mario Draghi took advantage of, the new president of the bank, during his speech he took office to tell European politicians that the ball is in their court not Bank Stadium, to fight panic. It then spread fears.

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    Initially, Greece was then followed by the rest of what was called in the beginning (PIIGS) (pigs, which are the first letters of Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece and Ireland), weak states economically, but justice now after a flurry of political corrections to GIIPS.

    And spread the infection to places, such as France and Austria, where interest rates rose for no apparent reason. And now fears she moved to Germany, the failure of this week’s auction for the sale of German Treasury bonds for ten years to attract enough bids.

    On the one hand, this is completely incomprehensible, Germany has one of the strongest economies in the world. It has so far benefited from the flight to safety fears over the spread. It is certain that the failure of the auction like some technical deficiencies in the German bond auctions, not enjoined the German credit.

    On the other hand, perhaps this is a completely meaningful, Germany has taken the obstinate stance, insisting that the economically weak states will not be bailed out, but on its own terms. These conditions call for austerity, as is clearly visible, and control of the national government’s economic policies, and decision-making from Brussels, where the EU headquarters. It was part of the German doctrine is to insist that the central bank does not play a major role as much as possible, until the central guarantee.

    German recipe carried an implicit message that the wrongdoers who spent or borrowed so much deserve to be punished, they are able to restore competitiveness through structural reforms – will help put them in Germany – during the period of continuous work.

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    Centument Review

    Like this recipe can be successful, if patients followed orders. In the end, it will be able to export industries that German exports compete like they used to be. And excessive growth will decline in labor costs over the past decade. There are, in fact, evidence that the drug is paying the desired fruits in Ireland.

    But in the meantime, the recipe does not offer anything to improve the opportunities in which they can be paid to the government debt. This is because the primary support for any loan is the borrower’s ability to generate cash. For individuals, it refers to the earning capacity. For countries, the primary support depends on the state’s ability to impose and collect taxes, and this depends in part on fundamental national well-being. If the economy caused the return of growth and profits, there will be tax returns.

    But there are plenty of signs that many patients do not want to take medication. Those who celebrated the establishment of governments run by non-elected technocrats in Greece and in Italy, they looked beyond the original message, that Europe will not be able to get what it wanted through the politicians who have received public support. This may not portends well for the economic reforms that began to bear fruit actually.

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    Germany implicitly threatened that countries that are not as they should be expelled from the euro zone and to get by on their own. A threat that has led politicians in Greece and Italy to give up power, but do you convince that the majority of individuals to agree to changes that have not been popular?

    If they rebelled, and did not find Germany seemed only to withdraw support, Sixty Germany are among the biggest losers, because the economically weak states if they fail to pay their debts there would be a problem in German banks.

    It will increase the currency value of the German – both branded new Marc or euros shrinking with another small group of other countries that are still within the currency union – at a time when the fall consumers of Germany the major economies, and will crumble German exports, and will increase the deficit in the German budget.

    If followed and described own, it is assumed that Germany is dealing with budget problems through monetary and fiscal austerity, which will further complicate the situation. In fact, you may not be able to do so, which may shows it in the role of hypocrite in front of the rest of the continent.

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    But – and this in the survival of German bonds safe – there will be little if there was any danger in the inability of Germany to pay the debt. And it will do the German Federal Bank pressure on the European Central Bank not to excessive lending as much as possible in order to remain the lender of last resort should be what central banks do, will lend support to Germany.

    Let us be sure that there will be no safe exit from the European impasse, and there is a logical argument in the German demands. It had the central European economic and financial policy when it established the euro area, what was to happen.

    However, this decision has been taken, and it was to create a unified effect of a different currency,Binary Options markets which can be foolish as it is volatile, as if Europe were already centralized, and loaned money for each eurozone governments at low interest rates. The easy credit of pressure on states to enact reduce the types of reforms that Germany now says it needs to.

    Surprisingly that Europe seems to have found a good way to finance Ireland. This state get a new European Fund loans are not the market. Old be traded freely and offer returns above what the country has to offer but it is much lower than it was before the approval of the new plan this summer. Some of Ireland bet against some real losses have been to me.

    And certainly grant discretion to someone prodigal not be a good solution as well. But the current method, which act by the European Central Bank may be the worst ever, since his purchase of government bonds at a time when confirms that it will stop it in the case, be it as if it sends a message indicating that it is better that the bondholders sell them on the spot.

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    In contrast, if the bank made a promise to buy all the bonds that offer it, supported by its ability to print money, it is possible that buys a few of those bonds. It is possible that the real moral hazard in the central bank rescue plans occur theory presented by the nineteenth-century banks to make loans in exchange for guarantees of high-quality liquid money be when going through a period of panic, but not for low-quality guarantees have been called. It will not always be easy to find out the good stuff from the bad things during the period of panic. But until now we assume that the central bank will find bonds issued by the government to be a good paper that investors can act upon.

    The European Central Bank may have already lacks certain judicial authority being able to do what should be on the central bank to do in the event of a crisis. But this is nothing new.

    He pointed Brad de Ongen, economist at the University of California, Berkeley, to the comments by Sir Robert Peel, British prime minister in 1844, explains the reason for not seeking to develop specific legislation authorizes the bank to act during the period of panic; he wrote in a letter to him «that my confidence is not shaken in the fact that we have taken all preventive measures that can be taken against the legislation rationally repeat of the financial crisis. Financial crisis has spoken out against preventive actions we have taken; but if what happened and if it was necessary to take great responsibility, the I can say that we will find men can afford such responsibility. » There is a strong need in Europe now is to find such men, or women.

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    Centument Scam

    Is Centument Scam Or Legit? You may not know the difference between straddles, strangles, spreads and swaps, but you don’t have to. 24/7 in exchanges around the globe, your Centument LTD Software program will be making profitable trades for you in 100s of possible tradeable assets.

    In less time than it takes to eat breakfast, you can install and start using this FREE Centument LTD Software program to bring in LIFE-CHANGING amounts of profits!

    Centument LTD


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